About Gerd Hirschmann and TangoVermont

Gerd Hirschmann started dancing Argentine Tango in 1997 when looking for a contact partner dance to complement his studies and practices of classical ballet. His first teacher was Nora Dinzelbacher from San Francisco and he still credits her for instilling his passionate love for tango.

After learning the basics in New York City, he traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina several times since, and studied with many of the masters. He credits his main influences to: Gustavo Naveira (y Olga), Gavito, Facundo (y Kelly), Osvaldo Zotto (y Lorena), Nito (y Elba), Pulpo (y Luiza), Danel (y Maria), to name but a few.

For more than ten years, Gerd has been teaching and sharing his insights of tango regularly in Vermont and has taught workshops in NYC, Boston and around New England. His style of dance is rooted in traditional salon tango and he is known for playful and musical dancing. He often visits Milongas in New York City, Boston or Montreal. And he never misses a chance to dance when traveling to other parts of the world.

He has organized the ‘Moonlight in Vermont’ Tango Weekend in Brandon, VT, from its beginning in 2005.

This year’s Weekend of Tango dates are September 9 - 11, 2016.

Gerd's workshops are based on sharing his love of tango music and inspiring dancers to create their own style of dancing, emphasizing creativity, improvisation and physical dialog within the couple. He begins most lessons with easy exercises, adding elements and/or variations ultimately leading to unique and challenging patterns and rhythms. Gerd's classes are fun and accessible to beginning dancers as well as challenging for those with years of experience.

Testimonials About Gerd’s Teaching

I am writing to thank you for another wonderful tango class. I look forward to each session as I know I will both learn a lot and have a good time. I am very appreciative of your teaching style. I know that each exercise with which you begin classes will be directly relevant to the movement upon which you intend to focus for that evening. I know that each of the movements or sequences will be adaptable to the various skill levels of the dancers in the class and will be useful as you help us learn to listen to the tango music and express our responses to it. Furthermore I know from experience that what you teach us will stand us in good stead no matter where we may be taking classes or dancing.
As you know, Eph and I love to travel and we invariably find dance venues wherever we go. We have been gratified and reassured to find ourselves listening to teachers in Buenos Aires, Japan, Crete and Mexico telling us and working with us on the very same things you are saying and working on in Norwich, Vermont.
Thank you Gerd. Because of your steadfast efforts for several years, there is a vibrant tango community in our area of Vermont. It means a great deal to us. not only during the classes and milongas, but also in the times of relaxation afterwards.

Yours, Helen

Although Sandy and I are enjoying a break from our sessions with you, I wanted to thank you for the excellent exposure to the Tango that you have given us. It’s been a pleasure.

Thanks again, Robert

You have been such a dedicated instructor for our group in Norwich... it's been a while and you continue to come up with new and exciting tango surprises! We've especially appreciated your patience with us! Thanks for bringing tango to the You may not always realize that your efforts are appreciated, but they are, Upper Valley and sticking with us!
If you pursue other possibilities, please don't give up on us!

Have a great day, Miriam & Gary

I began my tango studies with Gerd Hirschmann a year ago which has resulted today in being an irrepressible enthusiast and devotee of tango. Whether you have the opportunity to study with Gerd on an ongoing basis or are at a festival weekend, he has a strength and ability to assess and develop students’ capabilities and challenge students to be successful, particularly with developmental and interesting exercises that are designed to be seamlessly incorporated into execution of improvisational steps in the dance. We are lucky to have him reside in the tango community in Vermont, instrumental in the birth and growth of our local tango, while his extensive geographic connections in tango bring together a world of teachers and students, and where dancing with Gerd always inspires positive surprises and achievement.


Gerd's Vals, Brandon 2011

Gerd makes his living in the wine business working for the Vermont Wine Merchants Co. He has extensive experience in the restaurant business and is certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers. Email for info on wine tastings: TangoVt@aol.com