WindyCityTango, Unlimited
featuring Leroy Hearon, Jr. and Phoebe J. Grant
Leroy Hearon, Jr. – a Lieutenant with the Chicago Fire Department - began studying Argentine Tango after becoming inspired in 1995 as a guest at a Chicago tango gala. He quickly added to his repertoire by acquiring an extensive video tape collection of the masters. Leroy has been to Buenos Aires virtually every year since, including attendance at all C.I.T.A.s (Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino) from their inception through 2005. Leroy also has participated in many other tango congresses and festivals. Leroy has developed his own style, based on a deep feeling for the rhythm and soul of tango.
Phoebe J. Grant – a project manager and professor of interior design - started dancing tango in 1999, six months after meeting Leroy Hearon, Jr. at their tennis club. Phoebe’s initial studies are augmented by visiting internationally renowned artists whenever possible in addition to Leroy’s tutelage. She also has traveled to Buenos Aires every year since, including numerous C.I.T.A.s and has attended multiple festivals around the country. Beginning in 2001, Phoebe also has taught and performed with Paulo Araujo in Chicago and at several Portland TangoFests. In October 2001, Phoebe co-produced “Fandango to Tango”, a show tracing the development of tango from its African roots, with the Chicago Tango Club – Argentine; Leroy & Phoebe also performed in this show. Phoebe is an active member of the organizing committees for all three of Chicago’s annual tango festivals – the Chicago Tango “mini”-Festival in late April, Tango Electique’s TangoJoven in early July and American Tango Institute’s International Chicago Tango Fest in late August.
Leroy & Phoebe perform and teach private lessons and workshops in Chicago and around the country. They have mastered the Chacarera, a popular Argentine folk dance originating in the 1700s, which they taught at the Portland TangoFest in October 2001 and elsewhere since.
Each Leroy & Phoebe have studied with masters such as: Fabian Salas & Carolina del Rivero; Norberto “El Pulpo” Esbrez & Luiza Paes; Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli & Lucia Mazer; Cecilia Gonzalez; the late Carlos Gavito & Marcella Duran; Eduardo Cappussi & Mariana Flores; Gustavo Naveria & Giselle Anne; Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo; Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida; Miguel “Angel” Zotto & Soledad Rivero; Lorena Gasse & Airel Barrionuevo; Facundo & Kely POmar Vega; El Indio; Pablo Inza & Veronica Alvarenga; Juan Carlos Copes & Johana Copes; Facundo & Kely Posadas; Luis Solanas & Alejandra Gutty; Esteban Moreno & Claudia Codega; Pocho Pizzaro & Patricia Verocay; Eduardo & Gloria Arquimbau; Leandro Paulo & Andrea Mise; Melina Brufman & Julio Altez; Eduardo & Gloria Arquimbau; Graciella Gonzalez; Milena Plebes; Metin Yazir; and, particularly Phoebe, extensively with Paulo Araujo.
In 2001, Leroy and Phoebe formed WindyCityTango, Unlimited as their partnership with which to sponsor tango instructors to come to Chicago and to organize workshops and lessons. Together they have brought in many of the internationally renown instructors above with whom they have studied. A WindyCityTango web page is underdevelopment.

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