Moonlight in Vermont
An Enchanting Moonlight Tango Weekend
In Historic Brandon, Vermont
September 12th - 14th, 2008
Moonlight in Vermont 2008

It's hard to believe how much time has gone by already since the weekend..., sometimes I feel I still have DJ Richard's tunes still in my ears and the unique floor of the great ballroom at the Brandon Inn still under my dancing feet!
I would like to once again thank all of you for participating in this year's 'Moonlight in Vermont' Tango Festival. I have so far resisted calling it a festival, but it's grown to such a special weekend, it deserves to be called on par to any of the festivals I have visited over the years of my tango dancing.
Thanks to all you, the dancers that showed up and really made it an amazing and unforgettable weekend!
We hope you can join us again next year, Sept 11-13th, 2009!
Once more very special thanks to all the teachers for their great classes, to Richard Lipkin for the fabulous music at the milongas, the owners and staff at the Brandon Inn, which made all of it possible.
Particular thanks to Lydia and Clement for the tireless help in promoting the weekend in Montreal and beyond - Je ne sais pas beaucoup de Francais, mais c'est a dire: Merci bien!!
Special thanks also to Judith from Brattleboro for all the help and filming, Eloise in Burlington and Cathy in Rutland.
There are too many thanks to name all, but one not to forget:
Thanks to Hugo Stabio from Luigi Bosca winery and Testa wines, the wines are delicous!
With heartfelt thanks,
hugs and best greetings from Brandon, Vermont,
yours, Gerd

It is absolutely a Festival!! It was such a pleasant surprise to see how much it has grown. Congratulations on a job well done!! We had a fabulous time. Lots and lots of great dancing. So many nice people - wonderful vibes everywhere. Most definitely coming back next year.
Thanks for everything.

I had a great time at your weekend - it certainly is a FESTIVAL - and I think it has developed into one of the best.
Have already marked my calendar for next year. You did a great job of organizing - and the wines add the finishing touch.
The only comments I have are: All the teachers were great - but I especially loved Ariel and Lorena - hope they return next year.
It was also nice having the venue ALL in the Brandon Inn - but I thought the floor space was too small for some of the group sizes.
Thanks again for all - Holly

(We will definitely have larger floors for next year!)

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves very much and learned a great deal about argentine tango (although we have a great deal more to learn). I understand from talking with people in the area that your tango festival has certainly grown and hopefully will continue to prosper. My only concern (and it is a minor one), is that the portable dance floors were much too small and it was sometimes frustrating not being able to have the floor space (we did as much as we could on the carpet). Other than that, a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Vermont is beautiful. Thanks, again. Sara and Robert .

Hola Gerd!
Mate, it was a very nice weekend!
Chau! Hugo

2008 Performance videos on Youtube!

VIDEO: Moonlight in Vermont Group Dance #1 ,#2

Roxana & Fabian Belmonte (

watch them here

VIDEO: Roaxana&Fabian, #1, #2, #3.

Beatrix Satzinger & Michael Young (

Sorry they couldn't make it this year:

Fed says: no visa! No dance...!

watch them here


Lorena Gasse & Ariel Barrionuevo

(Ariel y Lorena)

watch them here

VIDEO: Ariel & Lorena Canyengue, Tango, #2

María Olivera & Gustavo Benzecry Sabá (

watch them here

VIDEO: Gustavo&Maria, Milonga,Tango, #1,#2

Gustavo & Maria's Class Info


& special guests:

Clement Lafond from Montreal

VIDEO: Clement & Lydia

Dianne Lachtrupp & Johnny Martinez from New York

VIDEO: Johnny & Dianne

Mary Ellen from Boston

VIDEO: MaryEllen & Gerd Improv

DJ Richard Lipkin from New York City

Warm-ups with: Ana di Tursi

Location: The Brandon Inn
A historic Dutch Colonial Inn with a beautiful old ballroom!

I had a WONDERFUL time! Thank you so much for all your hard work to make it happen. I know what it takes and appreciate everything you've done to polish it into an extremely enjoyable weekend. I'll be back! I especially liked taking the advanced classes as a leader. I got a LOT out of them, and it felt great to dance again after a month of much computer work. Elizabeth

Thank you for that wonderful weekend. Pedro

We had a great time and thought the teachers and workshops were really good. John

...just wanted to say thank you for unforgettable weekend...I had sooo much fun,and I hope to be there next year....please let us know how we can help???, when we are in Brandon....I am sure that we won't do such a fantastic job like you did...but we will learn slowly:):):):) have a good afternoon and take care ..... it was nice meeting you ..... Sincerely Tamila from Montreal

Once again, Gerd, thanks for putting together a lovely weekend, with great teachers, good food and wine, and many friendly familiar faces. We had a great time!

Thanks for another magical weekend in Brandon, I'm already anticipating next year!

Movie: "12 tangos"showed up a day too late, but watch for it on Youtube

Pictures & Testimonials


I wish to thank you again for having the time of my life at Tango in Vermont. What an event you set up! It gave me a new appreciation for living in this wonderful place called the hills of Vermont AND being cosmopolitan at the same time. We do not have many delicious occassions to dress up or to meet such wonderful and facinating people in one place. They were all just beautiful.
Thanks again Gerd, see you in class! Love Saskia

I just wanted to congratulate you again on the beautiful weekend in really did a wonderful job putting it all together...but even more important, you set such a sweet tone for the whole event, and made everyone feel welcome. I know how much work it is to produce an event, and on such a large, I hope you feel proud, and hope you are resting!
Thanks again, Cathy

I thought everything went really well this past weekend in Brandon -- really enjoyed myself! Judy

Thanks Gerd! Has been my first one but not the least nor my last one; Had a wonderful weekend in this lovely Vermont town. Marcel, Montreal

I´m sure I’ve already mentioned this…..but, Ariel and I had the greatest time during the whole Festival’s weekend…
This location opened the possibility of meeting a lot of nice people, share experiences and learn from them….
Thanks for making us part of you dream, and for your invitation …we’ll try to make it possible to be there next year!
Un abrazo, Lorena

wow! what a weekend!
perseverence furthers, not only in learning to dance tango, but definitely in learning how to organize the best annual tango event of the year....watching "Moonlight in Vermont" from birth through toddler stage, and experiencing the currently mature and exciting festival in just four brief years, has been nothing short of amazing....thanks so much to Gerd Hirschmann for sticking with this great event, and bringing to fruition a warm and welcoming, professional level tango festival that may, perhaps, have even surpassed his own wildest dreams..
five heavy-hitting tango couples headed up an impressive list of teachers and despite last-minute visa problems which prevented Michael and Beatrix from appearing, the other four couples filled various dance floors with energy and focus on both fundamental skills and a few new tricks :) a handful of local and regional instructors, including "yours truly", added their own sprinkling of diverse and interesting workshop topics to the mix, which was attended by no less than 120 dancers from New York to Boston and Montreal -- and lest we forget our homegrown Vermont and New Hampshire dancers, the point is that "Moonlight in Vermont" is hardly a roll in the cornfields -- it is an elegant and incredibly tasteful weekend, in a lovely and historic i have to say that i had a blast, or can you tell???
friday night, along with my favorite singing DJ from NYC, one of my other favorite dancers turned one point i had my partner crooning tango lyrics in my ear, while Richard was (as he often does) singing his heart out at the DJ desk -- as we danced by, i was treated to a rare and very special duet....and i got to dance with Richard, was almost like being back in Buenos Aires.....sigh......
saturday night another very special tango friend from Montreal unexpectedly walked into the lobby of the inn and practically swept me off my feet....we danced later, of course! there were lots of old friends, who have been at this event every year, and i met new people -- special people.....wonderful people, both on and off the dance floor.....beginner dancers and world class professionals -- and all those somewhere in between....the whole weekend was like that.....high energy, but this was not (and has never been) a wild party.....maybe it is the cultural difference between wine-tasting, as opposed to passing around a flask or bottle of tequila.....and yet this is not a snobby event at is down to earth, inclusive, serious, and also fun :) what i can say is: put this event on your calendar NOW for does not get any better than this.....thanks again to Gerd.....and to all the great teachers and dancers who put Brandon, VT on the tango map! Judith Schwartz



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