Facundo Posadas is an icon in the world of Argentine Tango and the only Afro-
Argentine traveling the world to share the roots of this dance by teaching Milonga and
Candombe as well at Tango. Robert Farris Thompson writes of Facundo in his book
Tango:The Art History of Love "today's master of Argentine tango, milonga, and jazz
dance" and tells of the rich history of the Posadas family dating back to the 1800s.
Facundo starting dancing at a young age and enjoyed dancing in Buenos Aires all his
life. He danced with many of the great orchestras such as that of Jose Basso, Anibal
Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Juan D'Arienzo, Carlos DiSarli and Miguel Calo. He has been
in 6 films including Tango The Obsession, Tango Un Giro Extranio, Despabilate Amor
Afro-Argentinos, Negro Che and El Cafe de Los Maestros and he has been featured in
many television shows for Buenos Aires television as well as the BBC in London.Visit
Facundo at www.facundoposadastango.com.ar
Christy Coté has been teaching Argentine Tango for 14 years and is one of San
Francisco's most respected teachers. Christy’s teaching method has been published in
the Argentine Tango Manual by Dance Vision (www.dancevision.com) and is
complimented by a series of 20 instructional DVDs. Christy is also a founding member
of the all female tango company, Tango Con*Fusión (www.tangoconfusion.com) with
whom she performed in Leading Ladies of Tango at San Francisco’s Herbst Theater,
Glamour Tango at Chicago’s Logan Auditorium and at La Ideal and other locations in
Buenos Aires. With partner Darren Lees she has been teaching at tango festivals such
as the Los Angeles Tango Masquerade, the Maui TangoFest, Reno's Tango Brujo, and
the Tango at Sea Cruises. Stage shows include TANGO X 3 at San Francisco's Palace of
Fine Arts, The Elegant Era, and The Latin Show at the San Jose Center for Performing
Arts, and The 28th annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.
Visit Christy at