Ariel y Lorena

Ariel Barrionuevo and Lorena Gasse are known to the tango community for their profound sense of joy in their dancing, which they shared during the 2006 and 2007 Chicago tango festivals. They have their own dance company in Argentina and have delighted audiences and students worldwide with their unique interpretations.
Ariel Barrionuevo began his career in dance in 1982, studying Argentine folk dance and Latin American dance. Since 1996, he has partnered with Lorena Gasse and the couple has been giving independent performances as well as participating with several dance companies in Cordoba, Argentina, including the Great Argentine Ballet, the Popular Dance Group and the Latin Blood Company, with which they toured to Havana, Cuba and Santiago, Chile.
In 2003, Ariel and Lorena participated in the most prestigious Argentine folkloric festival in Cosquin, Cordoba. In 2005 they were the finalists in a worldwide tango competition and were also awarded the prize for the Most Promising New Dance Couple. In that same year they began working for the Secretary of Art and Culture of the National University of Rio Cuarto, presenting shows and offering workshops.

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