'Come together' Tango & Wine Weekend

Argentine Tango is a dance like no other, more like a physical communication between its partners than the stylized, choreographed stage performances or ballroom competitions.
The dance of tango around the world is the social tango originating from the dancehalls of Buenos Aires during the first half of the last century. It has seen many mutations, it takes on its own flavor in different countries, and it adapts to new time periods. It is very much alive in Argentina with new modern ideas being added by a new generation of young tango dancers, honoring time tested traditions.

Gerd was fortunate enough to have learned his traditional approach of dancing from many of the old masters in Buenos Aires. He likes to see tango as an intimate embrace on the dance floor improvised to the music of tango. It is not for those who watch, but for those who embrace.

For years Judith has been dividing her time between Buenos Aires to study the dance, music, and culture of Argentine Tango and New Hampshire/Vermont teaching the skills neccessary for the improvisation, musicality, communication, and connection that make up 'tango conversations' on dancefloors around the world.

As very special guests, we are happy to have Facundo & Ching-Ping Posadas teach and spend the weekend with us. Facundo is well known in the tango world for his playful and smooth dancing in his own style, embodying the heritage of the traditional tangueros of Buenos Aires.

The Landgrove Tango Weekend (June, 14-16th, 2013) is designed to be a relaxed weekend getaway dedicated to Argentine Tango. Enjoy the company of new and old friends, wines from Argentina over delicious dinners, and successive and cumulative workshops in the 'social dance' as danced in the dancehalls of Buenos Aires and around the world. This years theme is to 'come together' to dance, to share tango in all its variations with enough attention to new dancers to learn the basics and more experienced dancers to be challenged with different aspects of rhythm, balance, and movement.

The Landgrove Inn is a short drive from Manchester, Weston or Londonderry in Vermont, but be warned: check the Landgrove Inn website or google for directions as you can only get there by dirt roads with few signs helping you find the way.

Last years testimonial:
"Thanks so much for the terrific tango weekend at the Landgrove Inn. For Beth and me, who are not exactly beginners, this was a time to review and improve, and to learn again figures we had forgotten. We got to “start all over” but do it this time with a good idea of where it was all going.
We particularly like your approach to teaching tango: clear structure, which I need, and lots of movement. The benefit of the weekend was that one could see an overall structure there, which helps me organize the dance “vocabulary,” and it’s got to help me retain these movements. But, I have to say, we were so impressed with how well those who had no previous tango experience were doing over this weekend. It attests to your ability to make this dance accessible to people.

Two other things. First, the Landgrove Inn is a real gem. We really enjoyed it. Food was fantastic; room was very comfortable; great staff with a very welcoming innkeeper, Tom; beautiful setting, and a really spacious facility for dance. Second, thanks so much to Gisela for her warm spirit, cheerfulness, and great help in dancing. We like her a lot and look forward to seeing her and you at your next ventures . . . Brandon, for sure.
Many thanks, Robert and Beth."

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